Bring it on - About the age of Makkah

- Wed 27 Mar, 2013 6:26 pm
Post subject: About the age of Makkah
There is a thread on the faithfreedom forum I am curious about to hear people's take...

It starts of rather lame with something about the Qur'an allegedly claiming Mohammed pbuh cannot be a prophet. That part I can answer and am not too concerned about, as it is easy to answer.

It's really this that bothers me:

But later if goes on about the age and antiquity of Mecca. It points out that there is no archeological evidence about Mecca's age.

A settlement, even a remote and small one, in existence for that long must leave some kind of traces around, such as pottery, inscriptions, occasional mention in ancient texts, ancient graves and so on particularly an important centre of worship known and revered by the Arabs all around. We have a lot of records about other places in the region, one poster says, but not Mecca. About Mecaa, not just very few but NONE AT ALL. So he dismissed the possibility of Ibrahim having even being to Mecca, saying it could not have existed then.

Partly, this may be because the Saudis don't allow much research , which I think is dumb. So the proof may be right there in the ground but nobody looked for it. But that alone is not an answer good enough for me, because we should find also some references in Egypt, Syria, ancient Babylon as so on. We do for a lot of other places too.

Why don't we have proof like that?

here is the thread
- Thu 28 Mar, 2013 2:11 pm
Post subject:
Hello mate

I have been involved in many debates with Muslims about this Mecca thingy for so many years, possibly 9 years, forget the archaeological evidences, it can be tampered with, our evidences are the history and what is well known about it and in top of that comes the Quran to confirm for believers that Mecca is where it is right now

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